A Solution to the “Spend or Save” Dilemma

The ANNUA Secure Rewards Card can be offered to 401(k) plan sponsor clients and their employees with
the goal of supporting employees to save more for retirement.

Offer Saving through spending. Automatic allocation of small amounts of dollars spent with the ANNUA
Secure Rewards Card boosts retirement savings. These amounts then become eligible for the employer
401(k) savings match programs.

Advantages of the ANNUA Secure Rewards Card Program

For the employee.
Increased Savings for retirement or other financial needs.

For the employer.
Increased retirement savings by employees dramatically increases the probability that employees will
retire at normal retirement age. Employer costs for older employees is significantly reduced.
ANNUA Secure Rewards Card Annuity Accounts are offered to 401(k) plan sponsors through approved,
top rated insurance companies who guarantee participant annuity account balances.

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*ANNUA is the DC retirement plan income practice of DIETRICH, a leading PRT (Pension Risk Transfer)
advisory firm.